Monday, December 28, 2009

Energy Matrix - Low Glycemic Weight Loss Drink

GBG, which stand ups for Guided by God, have released the first ever low glycemic energy drink that have Food and Drug Administration and FTC claims confirmation phone call "energy matrix".

Your day-to-day modus operandi may include getting a cup of java at "Starbucks" or going in to a supermarket or service station to acquire a day-to-day hole of caffeine. A couple of my favourites include a "white cocoa mocha" from Starbucks, which be me easily over $3.00 per drink, and the other is "Rockstar Energy" drinks, which can be around $3-$4 per drink. The astonishing thing is the refined refined refined sugar content in these highly tasty, yet possible deathly syrups.

The sugar content in "ROCKSTAR ENERGY" drinks will stun you!!

16oz can of original Rockstar Energy - 62 grammes of sugar!!! That's 14.5 teaspoons of sugar!!!
24oz can of original Rockstar Energy - 91 grammes of sugar!!! That's 21.6 teaspoons of sugar!!!

That's insane people!!!
(4.2 grammes = 1 teaspoon) according to

Now on to Starbucks - White Person Cocoa Mocha's

(I can feel your fearfulness rising!!)

16oz Serving - 58 grammes of refined refined refined refined sugar = 13.8 teaspoons of sugar

20oz Serving - 74 grammes of sugar = 17.6 teaspoons of sugar

On to "ENERGY MATRIX" nutrition info:

Easy, just 2 grammes of naturally processed sugars. (natural because this is the amount of natural refined sugars that come up from the procedure of making the patented "PeachSweet" sweetening in the drink, which is obviously a by-product of Peaches.) Energy Matrix is also "low glycemic", which intends it have small to no consequence on blood refined sugar levels, while maintaining "FDA and FTC claim substantiation". Try and acquire that consequence from imbibing a Rockstar. Sure they do a "diet" version of the drink, but with new lawsuit surveys showing golf course to malignant neoplastic disease and other complications, then you are just trading 1 disease for another. (that is according to "" survey of one-half a million people in 2006) By the way, any hyper linked topics in this article are from confirmed sources, and not just wobbling gander on my part.

Now I am just as aghast as you are. If you are like me, then you will believe 10 modern times before making that adjacent halt and the convenience shop or Starbucks. No wonderment United States have such as a job with Diabetes!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Google Services top on Mobile Web in India

As this year draws to end, sheets of analysis for this year and upcoming year are going through preparation as well. According to the State of the Mobile Web report for November 2009, Opera Mini has garnered more than 41.7 million users across the world representing a 5.3 rise compared to the previous month. Reflecting over the statistics, the number of page views in November witnessed a rise of 9.5 percent while data consumption has upsurge of 8.3 percent compared to the previous month.

Managing to seize attention of users worldwide, in Africa, Facebook has taken a strong lead and ranks as the most popular site in six out of the top ten countries. The report which is published monthly offers information on the top global trends influencing the mobile Web. Besides, the report highlights trends in Africa and examines regions of fastest growth of Opera Mini.

Paying heed to global trends, in November 2009, more than 41.7 million users used Opera Mini, thereby leading it to increase by 5.3 percent from October 2009 and more than 154 percent compared to November 2008. Nearly 41.7 million users who utilized Opera Mini have viewed more than 18.8 billion pages in November 2008. Since October, page-views have gone up by 9.5 percent. In all, page-views have increased by 231 percent since November 2008.

Moreover, Opera Mini users generated over 285 million megabytes of data for operators worldwide in November 2009. Since October, the data consumption went up by 8.3 percent. Data in Opera Mini is compressed up to 90 percent. On the other hand, if the data were uncompressed then Opera Mini users would have viewed over 2.6 petabytes of data in November. Since November 2008, data traffic is up by 213 percent.

“It is heartening to know that Opera Mini continues to grow consistently in all regions and categories – specially in continents like Asia and Africa where mobiles phones are more likely the only way for people to access the Web,” expressed Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera. “At Opera, we are striving to bring the most innovative and affordable way for people to access the mobile Web and expect 2010 will prove just as successful for us as the case has been in previous years.”

Order-wise, the top ten countries for Opera Mini usage are Russia, Indonesia, India, China, Ukraine, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Vietnam and Poland. Now confabbing about trends in India, page-view growth since November 2008 has been 228.5 percent, unique-user growth since November 2008 has been 208.4 percent, page-views per user led to 336 percent. On the other side, 7 percent of compressed data was transferred per user (MB) while 20 percent compressed data was transferred per page view (KB).

Now, looking over top ten sites in India, ranked first followed by at No. 2, at No. 3, at No. 4, at No.5, at No.6, at No.7 (up from No.9), at No.8 (down from No.7), at No.9 (up from No.10), and at No.10 (back on the list).

Whereas top handsets for November 2009 were Nokia 5130 at No.1, Nokia 2700c at No.2, Nokia N70 at No.3, Nokia 3110c at No.4, Nokia N73 at No.5, Nokia 6300 at No.6, Nokia N72 at No.7, Nokia 7210 at No.8, Nokia 3500c at No.9, and Nokia 5310 at No.10. Thus, Nokia seemed to dominate the market with such ranking.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Make money online: Here's some quick fact!

Online paid research surveys are golden chance for person who look out for earning money sitting in the comforts of their house and when they feel free and it's not a bit hum drum like entering data or filling a form instead challenging and exciting.

Surveys are conducted by either market research firm or corporate groups. Business group can hire a firm for the survey or set up in-house section for survey. The surveys are diversified and on various topic. You will be invited to discuss latest technology which is yet to introduce in market or why a product is on a downward slope? Every time there is a new product, a new segment of market and fresh opinions. The money you earn depends on your number of signed up websites. Whether it can be earned while registering with maximum number of sites or you can choose to take long surveys and earn in a single strike. Long Surveys can pay you $250 per hour.

The list of online surveys is available with all the survey conduction companies. It's suggested to sign up with all and instead of taking long time consuming surveys, list up with ones which end in ten to fifteen minutes. These surveys also change your perspective and make you an authority over brands. Like how a product design should be, how a product positioning can be different and what are the prime reasons of success and failure of brands?

With some experience you can also be a part of focus groups where you can interact with the other persons and interchange your thoughts and know-how about a particular brand or service. These focus groups are lucrative and well paid contrary to other general surveys. These can be very time consuming and exhaustive. Members of focus groups are entitled to free vacations, lucky draws and great discounts.

Paid surveys are something which could be useful for persons who want to earn some extra. It can be steady but not a job. These online surveys can be a useful when you have an internet connection and some spare time. The most fascinating thing about online surveys is that these offer you a terrific flexibility of time.

Online surveys have some troubles linked with them as well. The scam websites are something user should avoid and get beware of. Scam websites ask money from users for database of survey companies. Along with that they don't give an instant membership and promise offers which they never provide. Some survey websites sell your personal data to another telemarketing companies due to which you receive unwanted call or spam mails in your inbox. With some cautions one can continue to earn money. User should check the background of websites before signing up. This will help them to understand the reputation of the website in paid surveys. The legitimate websites are uploaded with changes and status at least on a weekly basis. Always read and probe who are they and their privacy and financial policies.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Secure your family with ADT home security systems!

‘Precautions are always better than cure’ one who adopts this policy would never face any hurdles in life. Going out for a vacation with your family, go to work or just relaxing at home, one major thing for which you are worried is home and your valuables-how to secure it? They should be free from any threat and destruction from fire. There are so many home safety items, coming from high end to low end, which will ensure your home fully-protected. While the home security systems mentioned below may vary from one office to another, their common features are somewhat similar.

Now no need to lose your romantic night, instead of worrying about the safety provisions of your family you can put trust in ADT security systems who assures full security of your family. You might be thinking that they could protect you in case of a burglary, but what about a fire or other types of emergencies. It is so exciting to think that adt security Systems provides much more than protecting your home from a burglary. It also alarms you from the flood and carbon monoxide. If a fire or smoke were sensed in your home you could worry about getting you and your family out of the house and ADT would take care of contacting the fire department. Having ADT Security Systems could be a matter of saving those you love lives.

Audio and video home security device are commonly used to secure your house. There are different types out there in the market. You can either place them inside or outside of your property. There are also wireless cams that are suited outside your house. No need to worry during rains if they get destroyed when wet, they have weatherproof features. All the shots are recorded and can be seen on the security monitors. You can also keep a copy of the video for yourself by saving them in a hard drive or your personal computer. Generally, these video cams have movement detectors in them, which start recording only when motion is detected.

Now the point is from where to get ADT home security system? Among a long list of companies which would be the best the best partner of yours. . All of which would provide ADT Monitoring Services after your installation is complete. The major difference is how much money you will need to outlay to get the home security system and what security equipment you will get at the time of installation. Also, there are various monitoring packages available that will vary to some extent from company to company.